What We Do

Organisational Strategy

Our key strategy is to promote and strengthen Community institutions Federated at multiple levels with full participation by Tribal women in the area. Over the past two decades, Sahayog CCN has gained in-depth understanding on the socio-economic issues of the tribal communities, ecological fragility of the area and need to restore the forests to maintain balanced, healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Sahayog CCN adopts a 3 pronged strategy for its community empowerment process:

1. Deploy Young Professionals into a cluster of villages to identify local educated tribal youth and train and handhold them to build a Team to address community needs and issues.
2. Organise farmers into Producer Groups federated into Cooperatives (MACS) at Mandal level and Producer Company at district level for establishing market linkages.
3. Building Community infrastructure to ensure sustainable production, processing and marketing of NTFP, agriculture & horticulture produce.

Our Role

1. Network and collaboration with external and internal stakeholders and mobilisation of resources – both human and financial- for the process of development of the Community.
2. Facilitator of empowerment processes to gain access, ownership and control of resources in the community in a fair and equitable manner for all.
3. Capacity building and skill development of the Community so as to sustain the development processes.

Our Core Programmes

1. Building and strengthening community institutions at village level and their federations at Cluster level.
2. Integrated management of tribal lands through Agri-horti-forestry model for sustained production and food security.
3. Processing, value addition and marketing of tribal produce for income generation through remunerative price.